30 Luxury Shower Designs Demonstrating Latest Trends in Modern Bathrooms


Modern shower designs, glass enclosures and stylish bathtubs can dramatically change bathroom design and add a contemporary vibe or industrial feel to these functional rooms


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    From the looks of it, is this a shower room for two people? It makes sense if this is really a master bathroom... Https://www.krucknot.com

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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. This may LOOK fantastic, but it is going to be hell to clean! Have cleaned homes for years and this sort of stone gets soap scum in and on it and is horrible to clean!. If only the builder had applied several layers of Marine Seal!! Please keep this in mind.

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    Walls are way beyond imagination! Congrats to the designer! 👏👏👏👏

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    We need a rain shower. No questions asked

  6. Posted by mypsalms51, — Reply

    A Mildrew nightmare

  7. Posted by gggranitequartz, — Reply


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    Yeah Rustico panels in badroom xxxx

  9. Posted by megancottom, — Reply

    The stone wall

  10. Posted by iheartmodern, — Reply

    Awesome pin!

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