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  1. Posted by ronibenez, — Reply

    The damage begins before the test. Me: I should really start learning, the test is tomorrow. Brain: No, no, search stuff in pinterest. And play some silly games in your phone. How about you wash the house, shower, eat something and back to pinterest?

  2. Posted by jia_shah, — Reply

    Very true. I've been working super hard on my boards and I know these are annoying but plss give me a shot and follow me. Follow for follow?

  3. Posted by carlahechtnielsen, — Reply

    "Give a kiss to ur hand (left hand) 2. Say the name of ur crush 3. Close ur hand 4. Say the name of a weekday 5. Say ur name 6. Open ur hand 7. Paste this to 15 comments n the day u said in step 4 he/she will tell u they like u. If you dont do this you will have bad luck in the next hour" btw ik this is stupid but im bored haha

  4. Posted by justafabulousqueen, — Reply

    Your brain stops when you take tests? Pretty sure your brain never stops, you should probably get that checked... idiot.

  5. Posted by freakishlyobsessive33, — Reply

    If you like this stuff, check out my lol board. If you don’t like it, don’t feel obligated to follow.

  6. Posted by sammiezuel101, — Reply

    Or when you’re talking to someone hot

  7. Posted by kellychu1508, — Reply

    When someone asks 'whats your favourite song'

  8. Posted by ma_mcconkie, — Reply

    My brain stops working when Im supposed to do a presentation lol 😂

  9. Posted by emmae888, — Reply

    I read born as bom. Why

  10. Posted by sunithasham, — Reply

    And regains full capacity when about to sleep

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